Meeet-Teeeser: Personal Storytelling

Meeet-Mitte: Tuesday, 18.10.2016 6:30 pm (please find the German version of this evening here / die deutsche Version dieser Ankündigung ist hier):

A Meeet-Teeeser evening about Personal Storytelling

or: You CAN tell an awesome story!

Are you a bit envious of people who seem to be natural-born storytellers? Those compelling speakers, who are the life of a party. People who inspire an entire organization/company/classroom/kitchen table with a true story well-said?

Do you want to become such a person, who can move others through genuine emotional connection?

And could you imagine sharing an extraordinary moment in your ordinary life with a live audience?

Yes, you – on stage in front of a live audience, sharing a personal story!

Would you like to stretch your speaking skills and tell a story in English?

Would you like to dive into your fear of public speaking by finally „just doing it“ with a group of supportive people?

In 2015, I began to present together with Frank Spandl & Meeet, a monthly bilingual storytelling evening in Berlin called THE BEAR, where anyone can have the stage for 5 minutes of glory and fame to tell a true personal story.

Here are some of our guest storytellers at THE BEAR:


Ulrich Proevost


Khushi Pasquale


Prateek Bhurkay








Although everyone has a story, many people hestitate to come on stage at THE BEAR. Stage fright is one reason. Others say they don’t know which story to tell, how to tell it, or why their story would make a difference.

If these are the questions in your mind, this Teeeser in for you!

We are offering the concrete facts why stories are so effective, the essentials components to create memorable stories, practice speaking in front of supportive peers in German or English, and later a chance to tell your story in front of a live audience.

What to Expect

In this teaser evening, you can explore and develop your most powerful communication tool: personal storytelling.
In the first part, you will learn WHY storytelling is highly-effective and HOW to craft a compelling story.
In the second part, you will have time to create the framework of a story and 5 minutes on stage to improvise with it.

The stories can be told in either English or German. The entire evening takes place in a supportive, friendly atmosphere where you can simply experiment. Peers offer feedback so you can know what was already powerful in your story and where you can still grow.

What you’ll bring home

  • 7 essential elements of personal storytelling
  • the beginnings of a awesome personal story – yours!
  • motivating feedback on your strengths as a storyteller
  • the possibility to meet others interested in storytelling
  • an invitation to tell your story in front of a live audience on October 21 at 8 pm. See THE BEAR.


Follow-up Teeeser/Workshop

A second teeeser evening will be offered as a follow-up: how to apply personal storytelling to your business and personal relationships and in parenting, leadership, and educational settings.  Any situation where you have to persuade people to think and do differently – you can use personal storytelling as one of THE most effective communication tools.


Tuesday, 18th October 2016, 6pm


6 pm : Get together, snacks
6:30 pm: Start of the workshop
8:30 pm: End of workshop, Networking
9 pm: End


15€ (inkl. Mwst.), 10€ discount (students, senior citziens and unempl0yed)
Please pay in cash.

Get registered!

Mandatory registration at or call 030/91 56 66 05

Location: Meeet-Mitte (Chausseestraße 86, 10115 Berlin (Mitte)
For further information contact Dyane Neiman: or 0176 / 654 256 35


Here’s how I discovered that anyone can be a successful storyteller:

When I worked as a theater director, I began to invite amateur performers onto the stage. In the beginning, it was quite a disaster. Professional actors could take any text, any story and make it come alive. In comparison, amateurs appeared inauthentic, lacked energy and well, were boring.

That is until I began to let the performers tell their own stories. These stories were particular to the teller, had an unexpected twist, challenges they met in pursuit of their desires, revealed their vulnerability or “dumbass” moments, boiled down to the essence – touched on universal themes, and illustrated a transformation. These same amateurs suddenly became charismatic performers with natural voices. Their performances had energy, presence, and some really gripping moments.

From this experience, I discovered that anyone could become an engaging, persuasive speaker if they speak their own true stories, which are well-crafted and well-delivered.

 – Dyane Neiman –


Your Trainer

Dyane Neiman

Dyane Neiman is the business owner of Moving Speaker and the founder of the non-profit storytelling organization THE BEAR. true stories. told live. berlin. She assists people who want to improve their communication skills. New York-bred and Berlin-based, Dyane Neiman is an expert in verbal and non-verbal communication that moves people physically & emotionally. The former award-winning choreographer and performer, festival director of the biggest festival of independent theater in North Rhine-Westphalia, has been literally moving people all her professional life. Dyane is dedicated to inspiring people from all walks of life to discover the power of their own voice and their own stories to move audiences to action.

Find more information about Dyane: or get in touch:


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18. Oktober 2016